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Lakeview Water Treatment Plant

Lakeview Water Treatment Plant

This project was part of the second phase of an expansion program to the region of Peel’s Lakeview Water Treatment Plant. Given the information provided at the time of tender, HCM proposed the use of shotcrete shoring for the site’s earth retention system. Later, due to an unforeseen influx of water into the excavation from a problematic sand lense and the resulting saturated soil conditions, shotcrete was found to no longer be a suitable solution for the site’s shoring. To address the issue, HCM devised a perched caisson wall system to cut off the flow of groundwater.

As fieldwork progressed, other fill soil conditions were encountered that were different from the geotechnical report issued at the time of tender. A change of the soil conditions, as encountered at Lakeview, would typically impact the project’s schedule because of the need for a redesign of the shoring system. HCM was able to respond with practical solutions to keep the project moving while updating the drawings to represent the design changes.

HCM can overcome most problems or restrictions to produce a final product that is desirable to all parties.

Client: North America Constructors Ltd.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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