Structural Shotcrete

Structural shotcrete is a concreting method where shotcrete placement and finishing techniques are applied to structural applications in lieu of formed concrete construction. It is an excellent alternative to formed wall construction, particularly in below grade foundation wall applications, hard to access areas, and overhead or curved surfaces.

This method of concreting is applied through hoses and compressed air onto surfaces. The high pressure compacts the concrete helping to settle it.

Shotcrete systems improve strength and durability and are suitable for all construction applications.

Structural shotcrete has low shrinkage and is reinforced with steel, polypropylene fibers, and silica fume to improve strength and durability. This revolutionary method is suitable for both Residential and Commercial applications.

Advantages of Structural Shotcrete

  • Reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional formed systems;
  • Formwork material savings of up to 100%;
  • Eliminate or reduce the need to design formwork for internal pressures
  • Complex shapes easily accommodated with minimal or no formwork;
  • Eliminate or reduce need for cranes;
  • High compressive strength, durability, fire retardation, low permeability, excellent bond to a variety of substrates (wood, steel, existing concrete);
  • Full access and visibility of wall elements before and during concreting. Easy verification of reinforcing and concrete placement;
  • Highly adaptable and cost-effective repair of hard to access, overhead, vertical, and curved surfaces;
  • Save 50% or more on labour in repair applications;
  • 30-50% faster when used in new construction; and
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces downtime related to equipment repair.

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