Shotcrete Shoring

Shotcrete shoring consists of soil or rock anchors with a shotcrete facing that can be used for vertical excavations or for slope stabilization measures. Shotcrete shoring applies the principles of reinforced earth soil nailing design employing drilled anchors to stabilize the soil/rock mass with a meshed shotcrete facing to tie the system together to distribute the anchor loads and control soil loss.

Advantages of shotcrete systems:

  • Cost effective shoring solution with less material requirements. Steel reinforcing requirements are reduced in comparison to traditional shoring methods
  • Eliminates voiding behind the shoring as shotcrete is shot directly onto the soil face
  • Excavation activities can be expedited as there are no large diameter vertical drilling requirements
  • Can be used next to existing structures replacing traditional caisson wall systems, eliminating the wood rot issue associated with lagging
  • Can replace conventional underpinning with a zero tolerance shotcrete system under existing buildings
  • Can be used in limited access areas with low headroom restrictions and in indoor applications
  • Highly adaptable to curved or irregular surfaces

Challenges associated with shotcrete systems:

  • Installation in poorer soils can be challenging due to the time required for the soil to stand open to place reinforcing steel and mesh
  • Cohesive soils are required to stand vertically
  • May require additional face saving measures for the soil to stand vertically open

As a leader in shotcrete systems, the HCM Group has brought shotcrete shoring into the Ontario market. HCM Group is the first company in Ontario to produce shotcrete shoring results that match the performance of caisson wall systems next to buildings. HCM has implemented design redundancies and the addition of vertical elements to produce shotcrete systems that achieve horizontal movement controls similar to that of traditional shoring systems.

The practice of shotcrete results in a sustainable shoring solution while reducing construction costs.