Project Description

Siemens Energy Blade Plant – Phase 2

HC Matcon’s project at the Siemens Energy Blade Plant consisted of the design, supply & installation of 70 helical piers within the existing plant location in Tillsonburg, ON.

As the project was located in an existing, active manufacturing facility, extra care had to be taken on the part of HC Matcon to work within the confines of the building space, which included tight egress for our equipment and limited head room clearance (20′+/-).

Safety is always a number one priority, but additional attention had to be paid as the work was being completed within an active plant with live personnel maintaining scheduled productions.

Some unforeseen obstructions were encountered during helical installation, but with quick decision making and our crews efficiency, HC Matcon was able to complete the project on time and on budget.

Client: Grassmere Construction
Location: Tillsonburg, Ontario