Silver Creek Solar Farm

Silver Creek Solar Farm

For this project, HCM provided installation services to EllisDon for the helical pile foundations for future solar racking. Due to the stringent timelines and project milestones, HCM employed a total of four crews on this job to meet the project schedule.

A large challenge that HCM faced on this project was the harsh winter. HCM dedicated an auger mounted excavator on site for the second half of the project to allow for any necessary pre-drilling through the 500 mm thick frost layer. The schedule was maintained despite site shut downs due to below -30 temperatures, as well as site access issues resulting from the inclement weather. 

RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH) provided the field engineering support for the project, which allowed HCM to provide complete pile installation records. 

Client: EllisDon Corporation

Location: Aylmer, Ontario

The teamwork of the HCM crew members in combination with the attention to detail provided by RWH, and the positive team support provided by EllisDon resulted in the project being successfully completed within schedule and budget.

Siemens Energy Blade Plant – Phase 2

Siemens Energy Blade Plant – Phase 2

Siemens Energy Blade Plant – Phase 2

HC Matcon’s project at the Siemens Energy Blade Plant consisted of the design, supply & installation of 70 helical piers within the existing plant location in Tillsonburg, ON.

As the project was located in an existing, active manufacturing facility, extra care had to be taken on the part of HC Matcon to work within the confines of the building space, which included tight egress for our equipment and limited head room clearance (20′+/-).

Safety is always a number one priority, but additional attention had to be paid as the work was being completed within an active plant with live personnel maintaining scheduled productions.

Some unforeseen obstructions were encountered during helical installation, but with quick decision making and our crews efficiency, HC Matcon was able to complete the project on time and on budget.

Client: Grassmere Construction
Location: Tillsonburg, Ontario

McMaster Nuclear Building

McMaster Nuclear Building

The nuclear research building was an upgrade to the existing structure to allow for world class nuclear research for leading nuclear scientists.  This project was funded by the provincial and federal governments as part of a stimulus package for Hamilton, Ontario.  This project required a deep foundation solution to support the proposed structure next to the existing nuclear building.

Helicals were designed and installed with 4.5” diameter helical pipe to allow for desired corrosion protection.  Load testing confirmed the ULS loading and the design was based on a SLS of 400KN.  RWH, an HC Group company, worked very closely with the structural engineer, Atkinson, to ensure SLS settlements and differentials were less than the specified 1/2” maximum.  The helicals were founded 30ft deep in a layer that provided sufficient resistance but required very accurate placement due to wet, poor soils located just above and below the layer.  An important challenge to note was that construction and excavation was performed beside the nuclear testing building and vibrations had to be kept to a minimum due to sensitive equipment located inside.

HC Matcon’s operators and site supervisors performed their work with a very high degree of skill allowing successful installation of the helicals while proceeding on schedule with the contract timeline.  HC Matcon also provided zero clearance shotcrete complete with excavation in a second stage contract, working with a new owner, to attain budgeted costs allowing that contract to proceed with government grants.  This is also an excellent example of the HCM/RWH service in design build of helical piers.

Client: IRA MCdonald Construction Limited

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Parkside Dr. Slope Stabilization

Parkside Dr. Slope Stabilization

The City of Toronto tendered a slope stabilization project that required the installation of helical piles in the embankment of a failed slope on Parkside Drive in Toronto, Ontario.

HC Matcon was procured to install 39 helical piles using ECP square shaft helicals with a 8-10-12 inch helix configuration in lieu of the equivalent 1.5” square bar (SS150).  Upon HC Matcon’s arrival on site, current ground conditions had changed as the existing slope was unstable and eroded creating a challenging work site.  The slope was found to be 5 degrees steeper than expected and posed a problem to the stability of the excavators and to the installation of the helicals.  HC Matcon stabilized the excavator on the slope to allow for a flexible control for the hydraulic motor to allow the required vertical helical        installation angle under the roadway.  The final problem encountered was the alignment of the helical pile with the hydraulic motor which was resolved with minor adjustments to the equipment.  HC Matcon installed all 39 helicals at their 30 degree inclination to depths ranging between 36 and 45 feet and preloaded all helicals to 90 KN on oversized steel bearing pads.

This project reveals that HC Matcon is able to adapt to develop systems that allow for proper mobility and stability of the installation equipment.  While HC Matcon did start later than scheduled, all problems were overcome and the schedule was still completed on time.  Today, the slope is covered with natural vegetation and is performing as intended.

Client: NEI Construction Corp.

Location: 421 Parkside Dr., Toronto, Ontario

Kidd’s Creek Culvert Restoration

Kidd's Creek Culvert Restoration

Versatile Installations Minimized Costs

Work on the Kidd’s Creek Culvert Restoration project involved the supply and installation of 600 plus helical pile supports for new catch basins, man holes, culverts and storm and sewer pipe in downtown Barrie, Ontario.

  • Helical pile support systems were ideal for use on the project based on the type of soils encountered and the project location related to the nearby lake. Excavation parameters were further impeded by the proximity of streets and roads required to be in operation while the work was in progress. 50 Kip design capacities were achieved on small diameter pipe, (2-7/8) which were installed and torqued as required.
  • The versatility of the installations enabled the Owner to minimize costs by installing only lengths and depths required.
  • Due to the nature and achievable installation production rate it was possible to stay ahead of the concrete work as small areas of work were excavated in sections.

The helical pile supports were utilized on both the Kidd’s Creek project as well as the second phase of the retrofit and expansion located at Toronto and Simcoe Streets in Barrie, Ontario.

Client: Drainstar Contracting Ltd
Location: Barrie, Ontario

Paruk Residence

Paruk Residence

Overcoming Poor Soil-Bearing Capacity

The Paruk Residence is a high end two story structure, located at 24 York Valley Crescent in North York, Ontario, just north of the Don River. A geotechnical investigation performed by Patriot Engineering revealed very poor soil bearing capacity, unsuitable for a slab-on-grade or strip footing foundation.

  • The floor slab was designed as a structural slab supported on grade beams resting on helical pier foundations. The helical piers were 2-7/8 inch diameter, 55 ksi minimum yield strength, galvanized, and supplied by Ideal Group.
  • The helical piers were designed for a maximum 30 kips working load, which was achieved at a torque resistance of approximately 9,000 ft. lbs. Using a 17,000 ft. lbs. McMillen drive unit, 94 piers were installed in 3 days.

HCM also did the excavation, perimeter shotcrete shoring and U/S stone placement c/w geotextile, which helped construction access and provided a clean surface for the concrete form work contractor.

Client: HC Matcon
Location: Toronto, Ontario