Burke Residence

Burke Residence

The site topography presented the challenging task of installing shoring on steep slopes which impeded the accessibility of conventional equipment to the residential lot at the back alley portion of the site. The site was located in the Elboya Park region of SW Calgary. The purpose of the shoring was to protect the adjacent neighbouring property and utilities along the east, west and back sides of the site.

The east and the west sides of the property were shored with a cantilever steel pipe and timber lagging system. The shoring on these sides extended to 11 feet below grade, and approximately 70 feet long for a total area of 1,800 square feet.

The back side of the property presented the greatest challenge as it was along the steepest slope of the site with a designed depth of 15 feet below grade. Due to the site conditions, shotcrete was an ideal shoring solution. The total area of the shotcrete shoring covered 350 square feet.

Due to the residential nature of the site special emphasis was put on the impact of the project to the surrounding area. The disruption to neighbouring properties, along with noise and vibration and existing structures was carefully monitored and managed.

HCM finished the project on schedule completing in two planned stages according to the progress requirements of the general contractor.

Client: Hillson Homes

Location: Calgary, Alberta

BRT Tomken Station

BRT Tomken Station

The Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is a dedicated roadway for bus travel. It stretches 18 km from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Renforth Drive.

HCM’s scope of work for this project included all shoring and caisson work to accomodate the construction of transit stations, bridge underpasses and overpasses, and below grade roadways. HCM’s tender submission used shotcrete for roadway protection systems and two-sided shoring for bridge underpass/overpass construction. This unique design, completed by RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH), an HC Group company, resulted in many cost and schedule savings for the owner.

There were numerous jobsites that HCM coordinated during different stages of the project schedule which made communication between the HCM team, the GC and other sub trades critical. This project exemplifies the ability of HCM to assist owners and GCs in finding beneficial solutions for all parties.

Client: Metrolinx

Location: Mississauga, Ontario