Wal-Mart Micropiles

Wal-Mart Micropiles

Overcoming Poorly Engineered Fill

This project solved a very difficult problem for Buttcon and Walmart Canada, with the new footings settling on a poorly done engineered fill.

  • The previous winter had frozen some of the fill, and footing settlements of up to 3 inches were on-going as the steel was erected.
  • HC Matcon mobilized a Design Build solution utilizing 60 Ft. long micro piles, with special connections to the already designed footings and piers. Sacrificial steel design was used to provide low cost micro piles.
  • HC Matcon worked 7 days per week for 3 weeks to install 192 piles.

The Walmart store opened on schedule and was a technical success. HC Matcon is innovative when problems occur, working with owners and General Contractors to find the most economical solution.

Client: Buttcon Ltd
Location: Rexdale, Ontario