Herald Block

Herald Block

HCM was chosen to provide a comprehensive design-build shoring solution for Phase 1 of Brookfield Place development, which will become the tallest building in Western Canada. The excavation spanned a city block and extended 22 meters deep. The shoring system, designed by RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH), was comprised of an 11 meter deep perched caisson wall above shotcrete, which continued into the rock for the remaining depth of the excavation. 

The challenges faced on this project included old foundations encountered during drilling, surrounding tightly clustered utilities, vulnerable neighbouring structures, and the adjacent light rail transit (LRT) system. HCM met these challenges with close attention to detail and meticulous planning to prevent any utility conflicts and structural damage. RWH completed the precision monitoring of the shoring and adjacent structures providing weekly reports to all stakeholders for the duration of the project. 

Client: EllisDon Corporation

Location: Calgary, Alberta

HCM was able to use their experience on past projects to design and construct a shoring solution that worked with the varying soil conditions at depth. This solution resulted in a more sustainable project as the perched wall required less material than a traditional full depth caisson wall, and provided project cost and schedule savings. Brookfield Place is an example of the ability of the HC Group to work together and overcome challenges in complex projects.