St. Thomas Courthouse

St. Thomas Courthouse

Alternate Methods Stop Running Sands

HCM was retained to design, supply and install a complete shoring system to facilitate construction of the new St. Thomas Court House for EllisDon. Construction of the proposed shoring was initially for soldier piles and lagging with a single level of bracing using tiebacks.

The existing structures were initially designed using conventional underpinning. When excavation reached the underside of the existing structures it had been determined that soils were not what expected in the geotechnical report. The existing soil conditions were flowing wet sands and HCM was asked to provide an alternate method to the conventional underpinning.

HCM implemented a shotcrete underpinning system including positive support of the existing rubble foundation to allow us to support the structure and lateral pressure of the earth while excavation proceeded to base of the new structure.

With the assistance of RWH (an HC Group of companies) our ability to react and provide an alternate design solution allowed HCM to complete successfully the shoring and foundation works within EllisDon’s budget and schedule.

Client: EllisDon Construction
Location: St. Thomas, Ontario

St. Thomas Courthouse - Shotcrete, Soldier Piles & Lagging