Paruk Residence

Paruk Residence

Overcoming Poor Soil-Bearing Capacity

The Paruk Residence is a high end two story structure, located at 24 York Valley Crescent in North York, Ontario, just north of the Don River. A geotechnical investigation performed by Patriot Engineering revealed very poor soil bearing capacity, unsuitable for a slab-on-grade or strip footing foundation.

  • The floor slab was designed as a structural slab supported on grade beams resting on helical pier foundations. The helical piers were 2-7/8 inch diameter, 55 ksi minimum yield strength, galvanized, and supplied by Ideal Group.
  • The helical piers were designed for a maximum 30 kips working load, which was achieved at a torque resistance of approximately 9,000 ft. lbs. Using a 17,000 ft. lbs. McMillen drive unit, 94 piers were installed in 3 days.

HCM also did the excavation, perimeter shotcrete shoring and U/S stone placement c/w geotextile, which helped construction access and provided a clean surface for the concrete form work contractor.

Client: HC Matcon
Location: Toronto, Ontario