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Founded in 2001, HCM is a full-service geotechnical excavation, shoring and foundations contractor that specializes in sustainable foundations, including Shotcrete and Structural Shotcrete.

About Us

The HCM Group is comprised of HC Matcon Inc, (Ontario) RWH Engineering Inc. (Canada-wide)  and HCM Contractors Inc  (Western Canada).

Our offerings include a variety of foundation and shoring techniques- including caissons, caisson walls, belled piles, shotcrete, soldier piles and lagging, footing tie-down anchors, rock and soil anchors, helical and mini piles, and underpinning.

Our values are Teamwork, Innovation, Service and Sustainability, which leads to our motto.

Innovation in Foundations

HC Group - Caisson Rig Calgary

We believe in our global stewardship and responsible management of  resources.

We actively  manage our consumption of resources, and seek ways to reduce our impact on the earth.

We believe sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and we require every HCM Group employee to make sustainability central to every business decision. We believe in the integration of environmental, economic and social sustainability practices.

Senior management of HCM Group continually reappraises work practices and develops new technologies to reduce consumption of resources.  As such, you will find our workers using eco-friendly products and reducing the amount of concrete, wood and steel used in foundations based on  stamped engineering drawings that eliminate the practice of “overdesign” that leads to excessive use of resources.

The HCM Advantage

What sets HCM Group apart from other shoring and foundation contractors is that we also offer an in-house Engineering department (RWH Engineering Inc) that provides sustainable design-build foundation solutions that save general contractors time, money and materials.
  • Safety First –  We have a dedicated Safety Officer and offer the best Safety environment and training available in Canada. HCM Contractors is also C.O.R Certified.
  • Training –  We invest heavily in well trained employees, including  ACI-certified Nozzlemen, as well as fully trained tradesmen, draughtsmen and engineers
  • Business Professionalism – Our executive are certified Engineers and hold Masters of Business Administration
  • Research and Development  – We invest in developing new foundation systems, practices, products and processes
  • Cutting-edge equipment –  Our fully equipped fleet of specialized equipment means we can tackle any project, big or small.
  • Superior Design  – We offer in-house design and manufacture of custom helicals
  • Sustainability – We pioneered the internal audit environmental sustainability in design engineering (eSEDA) which allows us to score each design build foundation project for sustainability factors.
  • Open-source Knowledge – We believe in sharing our expertise, experience and skill in shoring and foundations, so we provide an Engineering Hotline for you to freely use:1-855-fdn-sust (1-855-336-7878)

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