HCM Group offers underpinning services to General Contractors. Our experienced crews have developed techniques and project controls to ensure your supported structure is never in jeopardy of vertical settlements.

The typical underpinning project involves a series of panels that are done in a sequence, so that day one panels are excavated, formed and concreted, prior to day two and three panels. For sensitive structures, a four day sequence may be required.

The typical panel is poured 2 inches from its proposed support contact. This void is packed with high strength low slump cement/sand (dry pack) after the panel achieves its initial set, which aids in low movement control since the initial shrinkage of the higher slump concrete in the panel can cause gaps or cracks to occur.

  • Drilled underpinning panels can be constructed with soldier piles installed under a panel to achieve deep foundation results.

When underpinning panels exceed 8-10 feet, depending on soil, the panel system may require tiebacks. Often a simple underpinning project involves the owner’s structural engineer detailing the requirements for depth and scope of the underpinning required for a project. When the structural engineer requires, HCM Group can provide a Design Build solution utilizing expert and focused engineering for cost effective design.

The HCM Group continues to lead the Foundation Industry in underpinning solutions.

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