HCM Group - Sage Condominiums: Phase II

Sage Condominiums: Phase II

The Sage Condominium in Waterloo required an innovative shoring system that could facilitate a 10 meter foundation depth while working within encroachment restrictions. HCM implemented a soldier pile and shotcrete shoring system which utilized a single row of highly loaded rakers, designed by RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH). The use of bypass shotcrete over a traditional

HCM Group - K2 Condominiums

K2 Condominiums

This development on King Street in Waterloo required approximately 15,000 SF of shoring for two levels of underground parking. RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH) designed a piles and lagging shoring system with rakers to reach depths up to 9 meters. Wet fine sands required careful excavation and lagging in small lifts to ensure no ground loss