Sustainability at HCM Group

HCM Group recognizes the importance of acting as a corporate global citizen, with concern for other people and the environment on which we depend. This is a challenge our Green Teams embrace.   It is our hope that we not only better ourselves as individuals and as a company, but that our discussions and learning will be taken home to be shared with others, spreading awareness and increasing our access to innovative ideas.  In this way, we strive to begin the ripples of positive change both internally and in our community.

Green Team current active initiatives

HCM Contractors Green Team Mission
Leading the way by minimizing our environmental footprint and maximizing our strength and innovation for our customers.

HCM Contractors Green Team Vision

  • Most sustainable engineering and construction enterprise in Canada
  • The standard for sustainability in shoring and foundations
  • Net positive environmental impact; Zero waste
  • Inspire sustainability in industry
  • Complete company buy-in
  • Continuous innovation

Bottle recycling and donation
Company has set up a simple program to collect bottles from sites. All proceeds are going to a local charity.

Clean burn system
A financial assessment was conducted on a system which recycles the 6,000L/yr of waste oil from the shop to create heat. A few more components of the project are to be assessed before the team puts an official proposal together.

Rewards program
The green team is distributing small gift cards to colleagues who are doing things that are efficient for the company.

Tree planting
Looking to get out to do community service including tree planting;

Energy Efficiency
The team just finished an assessment on the buildings lighting system and is expecting to save 28,513 kg CO2 emissions per year.

Concrete recycling program
We are looking to bring in waste bags which collect large amounts of unused concrete onsite; after the concrete dries it is crushed and used as fill. We have some sample materials being sent in for testing; Saves costs on fill and reduces storm water waste.

The company expenses on materials such as gloves, glasses, paint cans, etc. are high. To reduce unnecessary waste and costs the team’s goal is bring the cost per man hour down by 78%. The first step is to create a simple materials sign-out sheet for the site supervisors and implement a glove trade-in program.

Job boxes
To minimize wasted time, equipment loss, and vehicle use the teams are building job boxes and inventory lists for projects.

Grout Shacks
Looking into the design of a simple mobile grout shack which can be taken to sites to reduce grout wasted due to weather.

Green Team Calgary

Alberta Green Team
Top Row: Chad, Mike, Rick, Mike, Tayber
Front Row: Geoff, Kris, Melisa

The mission of our Green Teams is to help us lead by minimizing our environmental impact and driving the foundations industry to sustainability through innovative design.

Our Green Team vision is to help make us among the most sustainable engineering and construction enterprises in Canada.  We will be the standard for sustainability in shoring and foundations, ensuring a net positive environmental impact through minimizing waste, inspiring sustainability in our industry, building majority company buy-in internally, and through supporting continuous innovation.

At HC Matcon Inc., we recognize our industry’s contribution to global challenges, but we firmly believe that we can also be a major part of the solution.

Conserving fuel, reducing carbon dioxide
We do our best to coordinate vehicles and staff/contractors at all job sites to ensure the fewest number of vehicles are on the road as possible.  We also encourage our vehicles to plan material pick up and drop off routes efficiently so as to minimize the amount of driving needed.  In addition, vehicles and equipment are turned off when they are not in use as much as possible to conserve fuel.

Waste reduction strategies
From our office to the job site we look for ways to minimize waste products.  Printing double-sided is the standard printing setting on all printers, and recycling bins are used in all our buildings.  We are phasing out disposable coffee cup waste – a common issue on job sites and in the office – and replacing it with reusable travel mugs that are being offered at no cost to employees.  Our new compost initiative will grow over the next year to allow us to divert even more waste from landfills by allowing us to turn our organics into soil, which can then be offered to local community gardens for use.  We design efficiently, work carefully and order materials in quantities as close to what will be used as possible to prevent wasted wood, steel and concrete, among other materials.

Electricity conservation and monitoring
We regularly analyze our electricity usage both during the work day and during ‘off’ times to ensure our office equipment, appliances and other electricity-consuming devices are efficient and are used conservatively.  All monitors and most computers are turned off at the end of the day, lights are off when people are not in a room, natural light is used when possible, and appliances/equipment are periodically upgraded to more energy efficient models.  Though our office is successful at using as little electricity as possible, we continue to look at opportunities to save more. For example, we are currently exploring different lighting options and are considering the benefits of producing our own renewable energy.

Industry-leading design optimization
When our engineers sit down to create a design or to edit someone else’s design, they don’t just think of the requirements.  They focus on exceeding expectations, ensuring environmental and social considerations are embedded as much as possible, while offering an economically beneficial alternative to other design options.  To ensure this innovative culture is maintained and refreshed, we incorporate design innovation into each of our Green Team meetings – which also engages non-engineers in the innovation process, ensuring a multi-stakeholder perspective on the benefits and impacts of the project as well as a more feasible proposal.  The collective intelligence of our team is what makes us stronger.

Rewards program
Any employee or contractor of HCM, at any level in our company, is eligible to receive one of the many rewards available for exceeding expectation in sustainability.  From gift cards and monetary prizes to small eco-related gifts, we strive to recognize the excellence and innovation that exists in each and every HCM employee.  In addition to rewarding sustainability champions on an ongoing basis, we also offer an annual sustainability reward at our year-end Christmas party, which is presented in front of all attendees to the person who received the most nominations or votes from their colleagues.

Employee and community education
Of course, change and growth cannot be achieved without learning.  This is why we host regular Green Team meetings in which our Sustainability Facilitator hosts a discussion around current issues and events that are environmentally pertinent and which also engage our team in awareness building within social, political and economic spheres as well.  In addition to our internal meetings and workshops, our HC TISS division offers facilitation services to organizations and audiences outside HCM, thus increasing our reach and positive impact.  Outside of sustainability-focused services, we feel the learning aspect of our organization and its people ensures services across our divisions are enhanced to exceed your expectations.